I’m happy to announce the arrival of a new colleague: Dr. Jannik Laval.

Officially, Jannik started working for our team since Friday 2nd november 2012. That was a Pharo sprint day hosted by our partner the RMoD INRIA Lille team. This was the opportunity to revive our dormant project: OCEAN. Luc Fabresse, Jannik Laval and my self are the main contributors of this new network library for Pharo. We worked a on it while Jannik was doing his PhD. An now that he is back, we have new energy to get this project done.

However, the main effort that we all concetrate on is Robotics. With the rest of the CAR team, we target models, software infrastructures and tools to ease the development of control architectures for robots. We expect to produce soon some cool demos.

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