I am a full professor in the CERI Numérique of IMT Lille Douai (a Higher School of Engineering). In 2015, I obtained the diploma called "Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches" (HDR for short) which stands for "Ability to Supervise Research".

My researches aims at easing the development of distributed and constrained software through new languages and tools. I focus on dynamic languages and more specifically Smalltalk through the Pharo implementation. Pharo is a really great platform to experiment new ideas. I also teach some programming related courses since 2003. And since 2010, I am a board member of the European Smalltalk User Group (Esug).

My Curriculum Vitæ


Email: luc D0T fabresse A@T mines-douai DOT fr

Office phone number: 33 (0) 327 712 358


I am interested and/or involved in different topics:

My researches usually target the development of distributed and constrained software. One of our privileged application domain in the CAR theme is the construction of multi-robots software that allow them to communicate and coordinate to achieve some tasks such as exploration.


More infos on the CAR website.