As a response to a question in the Pharo-dev mailing list, Esteban Lorenzano explains how to make an iOS app that makes use of Pharo. There should be soon a web page on the Pharo web site that summarizes this and provides other details. In the meanwhile, I would like to share with you this solution. Note that Esteban also announced that  in a couple of weeks there will be a jenkins job to build iOS VMs.

Assuming that you already has in your system:

1) Xcode (I’m using version 4.4)
2) CMake (I’m using version 2.8.8)

And assuming also that you already has an iOS development user.
For use pharo in your iPad you need to follow the following steps:

1) clone
2) in ./image dir prepare a VMMaker image (using pharo 1.4):

Gofer it
squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
package: 'ConfigurationOfCog';
(Smaltalk at: #ConfigurationOfCog) project lastVersion load.

3) Generate sources for iPhone:

StackIPhoneConfig new
generateSources; generate.

4) Generate your iPhone image (follow the instructions in iosbuild/resources/README), which is the place where iOS images need to be placed.

5) In dir ./build

build$ ../codegen-scripts/
build$ cmake -G Xcode .
build$ open iStackVM.image

5.1) you probably need to add your own development profile, the default one is named “iPhone Developer”

6) run

To run in Simulator:
Replace in Step 3 from StackIPhoneConfig to StackSimulatorConfig